It’s time to ditch Chrome

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Firefox rules!


So I click on the link and the first thing that pops up is that Wired wants you to accept all cookies. Not that I care too much but the pot is calling the bigger kettle black. Edit: I get it. I work in technology. Was just making a comment for sweet Reddit Karma that doesn’t matter and to give someone a chuckle. 😉


It was time 10 years ago Firefox FTW


People serious about this recommendation should always detail how how can go about switching without losing their bookmarks, history, stored passwords and currently open accounts and tabs. Otherwise it will fall on deaf ears. On an aside, Firefox’ migration process needs to be rethinked. Unless one migrates during the installation process, the collapsed user interface lacks any easy shortcut to migrate content from another browser and needs the window menu enabled for it to be easily accessible. Mozilla should consider increasing the visibility of “import data from another browser” and the scope of the data it can import as a high priority.


>Although Chrome legitimately needs to handle browsing data, it **can** siphon off a large amount of information about your activities and transmit it to Google, says Rowenna Fielding All software you use that is connected to the internet can do that.