Looted & Hidden Palestinian Archives in Israel (2018) – Last remaining footage of Palestinians from pre 1967 and 1948 were looted from a Beirut warehouse in 1982 to resurface in the IDF & Israeli military archives with limited access to most Palestinians [00:46:10]

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Even now…alot of zionist on different platforms argue there was nothing there when they took over…. Just like america was empty


Ah, the old – destroy the cultural heritage, nazi’s would be proud of their creation 🙂


Access must be restricted in order to protect peace-loving Israelis from terrorism, of course.


This is a very tactical and logical move by Israel, if you are going to steal somebody’s culture and claim it as your own, then you need to erase them from history so you can say they never lived there never existed, what Palestine it was a desert here before we came. Just remember someone else tried to erase certain people from existent before, We all know how that went.


I’m in the US. It says I cannot watch this in my area.