LPT: If you have a friend(s) that you constantly vent to, instead of just venting right away, take a moment to first ask if they are mentally available to listen.

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Oh my god yes. This a million times. I’ve been on both sides of it, and being the “venting post” for a few people really takes all of the energy out of me. Particularly when they start first thing in the morning.


I have a friend like that who just talks at me…


*Real* LPT – your friends are not your therapists. You should definitely feel comfortable bringing problems to them, that’s the point of being friends. You should also be happy to help if they bring problems to you. But it shouldn’t be something super frequent. If you’re venting even 3 times a week to your friends, maybe you need a therapist. If you’re constantly having issues you need to talk about, just think about what that means about your friends – maybe they also have things that often, and now you’re making them double up.


> “honestly, I’m having a really bad day do you mind if I take a break and give you a call in a few minutes? This is also an appropriate response if they weren’t ask directly beforehand.