LPT: If your flight is canceled last minute on your way to the airport, still go to the airport. The representatives at the counter have more leeway to assist you, and you’ll be at the head of the long line that’s sure to form.

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We were heading to Miami from Seattle. Sitting around the house waiting to go to the airport we decided “Well, we can wait here or we can wait at the airport?” We decided to go to the airport. We got there about 2 and a half hours before our flight only to find out our flight was canceled. But because we were so early the airline got us on an earlier flight. We had a longer layover in DFW but we didn’t miss our connecting flight and enjoyed our vacation!


100%, when you go, you become their problem to solve. This happened to us, an hour before we left to the airport we got the cancellation notification. Customer service on the phone was USELESS! We went to the airport anyway, and they put us on a flight to a town nearby. Which saved our vacation and all the non-refundable reservations we made.


Do most airlines not automatically rebook you at the earliest flight? It been my experience they do. But I fly a lot and I have status so maybe I’m treated differently? Also call the number immediately when you find out and start sitting on hold. If you’re near the airport go stand in line too. Although I’ve found it’s a lot less stressful if you call. Put your number in to call you back and then go and relax and have some food or drinks. Your travel is fucked, no sense in getting emotional about it now. You should also always pack something for overnight in your carry on. Meds, deodorant, undies. It sucks when you are in the middle of travel and flights get cancelled. You’re without your suitcase and they will not pull them out for you unless you’ve got a damn good reason other than “I want my shit” Join the miles club and download the airlines app. You can do most everything through that that you can do with an agent. Unless you have some complicated situation that needs a human the app works quickest to rebook.


Truth. I missed my flight one time and they were able to reschedule it for the following day, free of charge!