LPT: If you’re stuck somewhere very hot and don’t have any access to water, don’t wipe off the sweat. Sweat helps you cool off, the more you wipe off the more you’ll sweat which will lead to dehydration.

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You aren’t from Texas are you? Sweat evaporates here right off your skin. You can loose tons of water and be dry as a bone.


You know the sweat keeps you cool by leaving your body, right? It absorbs some of your heat and when the water leaves so does the heat. Drinking water is a simple fix for dehydration, mess with your sweat and you’ll have a heat stroke.


So sweat needs to evaporate off your skin to cool you. The liquid sweat as it evaporates is taking body heat with it since it’s a change in the state of matter. In a dry climate this works really well, but leads to dehydration quicker because you don’t realize how much you’re actually sweating so people forget to replace their water. Sadly in super humid climates, the sweat can’t evaporate because it isn’t dry enough. Wiping the sweat off when you’re in a humid climate won’t increase of decrease the amount you sweat. Your body will continue to try to cool you (sweating) until you cool down. It’s why in Disney World, you sweat like a pig and feel hot and wet all day. And in Disneyland you don’t feel that hot or sweaty but are just dying of thirst with a mad headache by the end of the day because you forget to drink water. Just me?