LPT – the best way to get more mechanical or handy around the house is just to TRY! *disclaimer: do not try your own electrical work*

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Don’t fuck with the garage door spring either.


*about that disclaimer — don’t be afraid of simple electrical jobs, like replacing a light fixture or installing a ceiling fan on existing wiring. Just be read the directions twice and understand them before starting, and make sure the power is off at the breaker box before you begin. I would say don’t DIY anything that involves the natural gas lines.


I will add to this though, the cost of getting someone out urgently because you did it wrong can be high. Particularly at night. Experiment at 10am, not 10pm. If it requires more than 3 tools, it shouldn’t be your starting point at learning.


To the same extent, I make enough money to pay a qualified tradesman to do it properly. I have my expertise they have theirs. People pay me for mine, I pay them for theirs. Also, most of the things you mentioned is general maintenance, not repairing. That’s different IMO. You say screwing up is “no loss”, you can make things **much** worse and more costly by fucking up. Also professionals hate fixing amateurs mistakes.