LPT: When helping out anyone with Money or Rent or anything, make sure to ask for a small easy favor in return that you for sure know, they will be able to do. It will make them feel less guilty and they will feel happy that they were able to help you out too

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Umm, no? If someone is already going to be in debt to me, I don’t want a small easy favour in return, I want what I let them borrow in return. And I’m certainly not going to ask them for a small favour AND whatever they owed me. That’s just cunty.


“Yes I’ll lend you some money which you must return but in addition to, please clean my truck” -some fuckin dick


Where a friend lives, he often has to go out in his boat and rescue other boaters. Usually it’s that they ran out of gas, had engine trouble, sometimes more severe. The rescued are always really appreciative… sometimes overly so, since they are often in a heightened emotional state. I’ve noticed my friend accepts some money (what he calls ‘for the gas and time’) from them. I’ve watched it long enough and seen how much he asks to understand it’s partly to pay for the gas, but it’s also partly so the people rescued can walk away from the situation after – without having to feel bound to express more appreciation to him later.


And make them comfortable with asking you for another loan? Oh hell no.