LPT – When you’re going out of town for an extended time, place a bowl of ice cubes in your freezer. If you come back to a solid block, your freezer got warm enough to ruin your food.

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I have also heard of placing a penny on one of the ice cubes in a tray. We returned from a two week vacation and did not need to open the fridge to know it went out.


exactly how unreliable is the electricity where you live that this is a thing people would need to do? (where i live, we get an outage maybe once every couple of years during a major storm, and most of those last less than a half hour. worst outage in recent memory was due to hurricane sandy, which lasted 2 days. )


SLPT: plug your sink and leave the water on when you leave town. If your house isn’t flooded when you get back you know the water went out.


We do the penny method. When I lived in the country the power was bad it would go out about a 1 time a month and more in the winter.