Male redditors, what is something you’d like to do or wear but you don’t because society considers it as “unmanly” ?

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Not anymore but when I was younger my sports teacher was an asshole. I walked from the bus to the school and arrived with gloves on. He told me I was weak and I should man up. The years after and still now I sometimes feel bad for wearing gloves when it’s a lil cold. (I have the Raynaud’s syndrom/phenomenon, I need to wear gloves when temperatures are 10°C or my hands will be pretty painful.)


Nothing. I’m at an age where I don’t give a fuck what society says. If I want to wear something or do something I’ll do it.


One of my favorite hobbies is sewing. But when I talk about what I like to do with others I always talk about fishing and woodworking and my other “manly” pastimes. I want to talk about sewing damn it!


I’m heavy and starting to go running to try and get fitter. A bra would be great. They don’t seem to do 58 BB cup in discrete here though.


Fruity drinks at the bar