Manhunt on for suspect who shot Dunkin’ Donuts manager in head during pre-dawn robbery

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The female mother of two children died for estimated at best $60.00 per cash register. 3 per station including the drive thur $180.00 total. A $20,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the person involved and anybody with any information regarding this case is urged to contact police.


Most registers at the start of the day do not carry more than $100. Employees will let a robber take whatever is in that register. This robber killed this mother of two in cold blood.


Clear picture of the perp. Hope they catch him.


Give’s him the money, still shoots and kills her. Enraging.


I’m reminded of a quote, “If you’re considering a life of crime, you’re not smart enough for a life of crime.” If he stole the money and left, there wouldn’t be a manhunt. Officers would make an attempt, but if they don’t find him, they’ll just assume that the willl pick this loser up for something else. If this were the case, he has a chance to reform his life. Instead, this idiot loser gets his money, murders the manager, and has ruined any chance of changing the arc of his life. He devastated a community over less than $200. Fuck this piece of shit.