Mortgage went up by $80 but we didn’t notice and sent our normal payment (automatic). Credit scores dropped over 100 points.

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Personally, I think you can ask for your mortgage co to remove the mark but it’s unlikely. You may just have to wait on the HELOC. The only advice I have is in the future to have your mortgage lender pull your payments instead of pushing them from your bank. Payments that are pulled are automatically updated when escrow changes.


You can try calling the mortgage servicer and plead your case. The request would be for the servicer to remove the negative mark on your credit report. But they are under zero obligation to do so as it is accurate. The fact is that the full payment was not made by the due date. Disputing via the credit bureaus will likely be fruitless as, again, the data received and reported is accurate. There is no error in reporting. Sorry this happened. It sucks.


Pull your report ASAP. This is a red herring. A payment late less than a month does not even appear in a report, let alone cause a 200 point drop. There is something else at work here.


That is a HUGE drop.. you sure it’s just that? How long did this go on for before you caught it


The mortgage servicer typically sends out an annual escrow analysis and this is where any adjustments are made to your monthly payment amount. Did you not receive this?