Oceana Finds Hundreds of Vessels Vanishing Along Argentina’s Waters

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If I were a billionaire eco-warrior I’d buy one of those Stirling engine powered Swedish subs and start torpedoing those fucking boats. Or maybe just hire some Somali pirates to hijack the vessels and hold them for ransom.


China is always up to no good.


I’m really shocked we haven’t seen a more hostile response to this kind of bullshit. It’s not like it’s something new. There’s fishing fleets that just openly and regularly pillage other territorial waters and all it ever gets is a firm finger wag and maybe one or two of the boats being captured. Given how vital the resources of the open waters are to many countries the fact that these nations’ naval forces haven’t just started blowing these boats the fuck up is astonishing to me.


Almost all countries have regulations on fishing but when a fucking Chinese fleet shows up to steal, anybody do nothing. Great job nations


One strafing run- problem solved!