Oyakodon — Japanese Chicken and Egg over Rice — a three-day masterpiece or a 15-minute wonder. Recipe in the comments.

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This looks and sounds like a delicious breakfast or dinner option. Saved to give a try! Thanks for sharing, I’m eager to see how my family likes it.


Warms my heart to see oyakodon getting some love. One of my favorite Japanese foods by far, which is saying something, since Japanese food has a lot of amazing entries. I also love the macabre self-awareness of the dish’s name: “oya” means parent and “ko” means child (“don” means bowl).


This recipe is a touch confusing, but I want to encourage people to try this, and use all the ingredients (dashi, mirin, etc) OP recommends. Oyakodon is my all time favorite comfort food. It’s just awesome.


looks amazing. but– reading the recipe and I’m not seeing what about this made it a 3 day dish. the longest part of the preparation in your instructions is only a 24hour wait at maximum.


Oyako-don is also Japanese slang for revenge sex with your ex’s mom. BTW, I love Oyako-don. (the food lol)