People of reddit, What really specific thing annoys the hell out of you?

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People who walk side by side slow as shit down the aisle in the store. They’re juuuust far enough apart that you can’t squeeze by them, and at least around my parts, when you say excuse me they just ignore you.


Oh god it would be the noises Styrofoam makes when it’s interacted with in any way shape or form


When you turn on subtitles in the YouTube mobile app, it *covers them up* with a “subtitles turned on” message for way too long.


When people blast music from their cars to the point my apartment windows shake.


When people keep trying to convince me after I *already said yes.* It’s so damn frustrating for me and it feels like such a huge waste of time because I don’t need to feel sorry for you, I’m agreeing to it. You don’t need to justify it further. Like my mum asking me to give my grandma a ride home. I say yes. ” Oh she’s so tired, she needs help.” I said yes already mum. “Cause she’s all old so if you wouldn’t mind.” Mum. Yes. Ill pick her up. “And if you have gas then its not really any trouble is it?” Mum. Im already doing it. Why are you telling me this? “Gosh youre always so mean”