People who actually fucked their friends mom, how did you find out she was interested?

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Sure wouldn’t want to be OP’s friend right now.


She was actually not my friend’s mom, but my ex-girlfriend’s mom, but since we were friends for a bit before we got together, she still counts as a friend, right? My girlfriend was 21 and I was 23, both in university, been dating for close to two years, until she cheated on me and we broke up. I’ve only seen her mom a few times. Divorced, single, fairly attractive lady in her early 40s(not even close to pornstar standards if you’re wondering). I knew the mom owned a bookstore(which I had never visited) with a friend of hers and they ran it together. She was also a somewhat successful author in my country mainly writing romance/supernatural , meaning she made some money from it but not enough to quit her day job. She was a very polite and sweet lady the couple of times I met her when I was still with her daughter. Fast-forward two years and I am visiting a random small bookstore looking for a fantasy series(fantasy is the only genre I read). I enter, and boom, my ex’s mom greets me. We talk a bit, she recommends me a couple of series because apparently she loved reading fantasy. And that’s pretty much how it started. I visited the bookstore once in a while, we would talk, until she invited me to her house to hang out and let me read a bit from a new series she was writing at the time. So I arrive at her house. She looked liked she had put extra effort in her appearance. She made me dinner. We had some wine and talked about Game of Thrones(there were like only 2 seasons at the time) and watched a couple of episodes from Supernatural season 3, since we were both big fans. She started getting a bit touchy feely and we ended up kissing. We made out for a bit and started touching each other, and then she asked me in the most polite way possible if I wanted to move to the bedroom to have sex with her. I was already rock hard at that point so you better believe I was fucking her. That’s pretty much it. I never got to read the manuscript she invited me to read that day. Turns out she was lonely, wanted some intimacy and to feel desired. She was worried she’ll end up growing old alone and never find love again. Kind of ironic considering she was writing romance novels. Well I was single and to be perfectly honest I liked her despite being almost twice my age, so we kept hanging out. The sex was very satisfying too, she treated me like a king. It only lasted for 4 months or so. We stopped because I met a girl(my now wife). Looking back at it, I barely remember the two years I spent with her piece of shit daughter. Yet I remember most of the times I hung out with her. Anyways, I messaged her after 5 years on facebook to ask her how she was doing out of curiosity and she told me she was very happy. She met a man(coincidentally another writer, who came to buy a book from her bookstore) and they’ve traveled around Europe and she’s at the happiest she’s ever been. I was very happy for her, she was one of the sweetest women I’ve ever met. __tl;dr__ She invited me to her house to read her manuscript and hang out with her. We had sex. We continued to hang out and have sex for a few months, until I met a girl. The end.


Posted this before on my old account– I rented her basement apartment while going to community college. She would hang out with me and my roomie as we BBQed in the backyard and played with her dogs. She would smoke pot with us and have a good time, telling my roomie and his girlfriend about the stuff I used to do when I hung out with her son. She was divorced and her son was in the Navy and she was lonely but also happy to be having friends again, which her husband didn’t used to allow. She started texting me at night, especially during Game of Thrones/Walking Dead. It was flirty and fun and her interest was pretty clear. Eventually, she invited me upstairs.


I helped my workmate get home after he got blind drunk and got into a scrap that he promptly lost. He was fine, but I’m not sure which the company didn’t like more: the fact that it had happened at the Christmas party or the fact that he was under the legal drinking age. I took him home and met his mum; I’d previously known her through her friendship with my youngest brother. I knew she dropped out of school early, but didn’t know why. Turns out she was pregnant quite young. We caught up for a bit in her lounge and had enough drinks to be uncool to drive. I ended up being offered a spot in the air bnb bungalow in the yard for the night, which I happily took her up on. When she showed me the room, she turned to me and said “Look; I’m horny and we’re both single… so what do you want to do about it?”


Just reading through the comments and what I’ve learned is this: Game of Thrones is the best motherfucking show of all time.