Pope voices ‘pain’ over Canadian deaths, doesn’t apologize

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If we are not going to arrest and prosecute these serial pedophiles and murderers, tax the living shit out of them. I think that is what they would fear most.


Everyone knows the Catholic Church is corrupt as hell – but the fact remains that those re-education center/ prison-schools operated under a decree from parliament. Politicians are deflecting blame off themselves, and the Church is pleading ignorance, as is usual.


The Catholic Church has had more child sexual abuse scandals in the past 40 years. Just move the child rapists to the next church and it starts all over with the next flock. From the 19th century until the 1970s, more than 150,000 Indigenous children were forced to attend state-funded Christian schools, the majority of them run by Catholic missionary congregations, in a campaign to assimilate them into Canadian society. The Canadian government has admitted that physical and sexual abuse was rampant in schools, with students beaten for speaking their native languages.


They haven’t apologized ever and aren’t going to start now, let alone look into its killings of children and sexual abuse problem


“Pain” is the papist word for “thoughts and prayers”.