[Serious] What are some misconceptions about sex that you had when you were younger?

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That women who wanted babies would wait until the man was asleep and then stick his dick inside. Because men on TV are always surprised when the find out they’re going to be dads, so they must not be aware that they had done the sex.


That men always want it more than women. When I first started having sex I felt like people would judge me as a woman if they knew how often I wanted it.


Mom told me the whole penis in vagina thing when I was really young and asked but she didn’t go into detail so I didn’t know about erections and I thought the guy just carefully placed his limp dingdong in her hooha and they sit there and wait for something to happen


I was always so confused how missionary sex worked. I thought the penis always to be sticking straight out 90° from the body and didn’t realize the woman could rotate her hips up. I was fully convinced missionary sex was a myth


I remember being super confused as a child as to how many holes women had down there. At one point, I thought there were four (pooing, peeing, sex, and one for babies to come out). Then for a while, I thought it was just one; just one very useful, multipurpose hole that was probably really dirty. I had a friend who’s dad bought him dirty mags. I remember looking through one with him and very ashamedly asking him how women “work”. He laughed when he explained it to me, but I was *very* relieved when he told me that a lot of his friends asked him that.