Something sweet: the first doughnut machine was made in 1920 to meet the demand for doughnuts as a breakfast food item following WW 1. Adolph Levitt, a Jewish refugee who came to America fleeing czarist Russia, designed the machine and began selling fried doughnuts from his Harlem bakery in NYC.

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My college cafeteria has a donut machine and you could get them fresh out of the oils. Those things were heaven in donut form.


Perhaps this is why Adolf Hitler gained popularity…


shame they cant get the history right. They were publicised by Baroness Elizabeth Dimsdale who got the recipe from a local cook known as Mrs Fordham who may have worked in her house in Hertford, England somewhen between 1800-1810. Her ingredients included sugar, eggs, nutmeg, butter and yeast, which are made into a dough which is rolled out and cut into ‘nuts’. The nuts are then deep-fried in ‘hogs-lard’ before being covered in sugar and left by the fire to rise.