‘Soon Enough I’ll Be Killed’: Threats Against Azerbaijani Dissident Intensify After Armenian Media Interview

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> Before dawn on October 6, 2020, Mirzali got inside his car in Nantes ready to begin his day as a deliveryman. Suddenly a man appeared from the darkness and tried to open the vehicle’s locked door. The stranger then pulled out a handgun and shot through the window, wounding Mirzali in the shoulder before the activist could drive away to safety. > In March, Mirzali survived a daylight stabbing attack in the center of Nantes that left him with wounds so severe he lost about three liters of blood and underwent six hours of surgery. Yeah, there is definitely reason to be worried.


How awful it must be to know that you’re pretty much a dead man walking because of the wrongs being committed to your people. How courageous to continue.


How can Formula 1 continue to race there when there are things like this happening and still push their message of “We Race As One”? Not to mention racing in Saudi Arabia and other such places.


Oops as a south korean myself, this reminds me of what North Korean government does to influential defectors who escaped the country. Truely Horrible


Cut down Aliyev and Erdogan. The era for those men is over.