The abolishment of Catholic school boards discussions in r/ontario has brought out all of the apologists.

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They are evil, they are a major part of the genocide and colonization of this continent. Don’t accept their apology, they will continue to sterilize our culture


The abuse is better. And forever lasting. I grew up in a Catholic family and my parents tried their whole lives but could never break the Catholic indoctrination. The education is better my ass. There’s a reason these perverts want to warp children’s minds at a young age. The brainwashing is then nearly impossible to break without serious effort and luck.


The problem is that Catholic school boards get public funding as well as church funding, allowing better facilities than public schools. When the Canadian government finally gets its head out of its ass and removes the constitutional protections the church gets and removes public funding, Catholic schools will fall into ruin.


I went to catholic school in Ontario (many many years ago). Why do you think I became atheist?


The answer to all of the following points is to improve the public schools, not defund them and shunt money to religious and for-profit alternatives like DeVos tried to do in the U.S. the education is better the buildings are better it’s closer to my house so my kid doesn’t have to walk far or I don’t have far to drive them the teachers are better