The Children of Leningradsky (2004) – Kids drink, beg, huff glue, and prostitute to survive living on the streets [00:33:47]

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Strange to think where these kids are 17 yrs later. I can’t imagine anywhere good.


This life is really weird, why were we so lucky to have been born in a better situation. My heart breaks for these kids.


I adopted my 2 children from Russia around the time this film was made. When I first saw this film about 10 years ago, my heart broke for the children left behind. And it kills me that Putin has since used orphans as pawns in retaliation to the Magnitsky Act, and has since severely curtailed foreign adoptions. Every child deserves to be raised in a loving family.


Jesus christ that was dark.


Yeah I’m just gonna not watch this. Heart goes out to them tho…holy fucking shit the world is Crazy