The decline of religion in America

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The decline of religion gives me hope that we are moving towards a better world of free thinkers. We are living in a time where it is so easy to expose ourselves to new ideas and beliefs and the fact that people are leaving religion just shows that people are starting to realize just how awful these institutions are.


I have to give credit to the internet and living in a society where open thoughts and free ideas can be discussed freely. Religion can not compete with and only dominates when those rights are taken away


Headlines and articles like that certainly give one hope, but what I’m looking for is a decline in how much *influence* religion has on our lives. That doesn’t seem to be dropping at the same rate as church attendance. Probably nothing to do with the fact that one of our two major political parties only exists because of their kowtowing to religionists. It’s probably something else entirely.


I think one of the factors helping this decline has been the blatant politicization of Christianity in America among protestant evangelicals and Catholic right wingers.


I have an increasingly sinking feeling that some folks need religion otherwise they will be completely unhinged violent fascists assholes. In their minds if there’s no sky daddy ready to smite them then they are free to rape, pillage and double park.