The future looks bright for infinitely recyclable plastic

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May *look* bright. Now add in the disinformation campaign, the lobbying, and purchase-and-kill coming from Chevron. We’ll see.


Great. So since we’re dumping about 8 million tons of plastic into the ocean each year maybe we should *aggressively* pursue this?


I’m not gonna hold my breath.


Probably a propaganda by the plastic industry. That’s a reason why reduce comes first before reuse and recycle


No, it doesn’t. First of all, it’s not economically viable to recycle plastics, UNLESS you export them to poor countries and don’t take damage to worker’s health into account. This is exactly why China has banned imports of plastic waste, they damage health of the workers and that is essentially a “hidden” cost. We would be paying for this green future with blood of poor people from 3rd world countries. But who gives a flying fuck about them, right? Secondly, even if you don’t give a flying fuck about worker’s health, recycled plastic often is just more expensive. You need a huge shortage of plastic for recycling to be economically viable, China had such shortage and that’s why they used to recycle a lot of plastics. Alternative is a huge increase in oil prices (orders of magnitude increase) that would push recycled plastic into economically viable territory. Lastly, recycled plastics are poorer quality than new plastics. That’s why new plastics would be desirable even if they were more expensive (and they are cheaper). So I’ll saying here. The best thing that can happen to your plastic waste is them being burned to generate some electricity. Alternatives are landfills or export to poor countries. Huge chunk of exported plastic is thrown away and end up in oceans, what isn’t would essentially be killing workers.