The probability that your parents actually wanted you is the highest when you are an adopted kid.

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My husband and I just started the adoption process this week. Our 6 year old son is over the moon excited, as are we. EDIT: Since this is seemingly taking off, and I didn’t word it the best way, our 6 year old is our biological son, who is very excited about adding a brother or sister to his family. Also, thank you everyone for the positive thoughts.


I know for a fact my parents absolutely didn’t want me. My mom cheated with one of my “dads” Army buddies. There was a good 2 months difference between when she got pregnant and he came home, so I would have been too early and too big. Right before I was born, she created an “accident” that she hoped would kill me before I delivered, so he wouldn’t know i was not his. But I didn’t die, and he knew once I was born that I wasn’t his. Of course, nobody told me any of this until I figured it out on my own when I was 50, so I just grew up thinking I was worthless, because I was treated differently than my brothers and sisters.


Adopted person here. I’d subscribe to your viewpoint if my adoptive mom didn’t say to me, at 13, that she regretted getting me.


You’re not gonna believe this time we accidentally adopted a child xD lol


Or if your parents had fertility treatments