The state of Alabama took his gun away. When authorities gave it back, he shot and killed his wife. Alabama authorities took his gun away after a violent domestic incident. Nine months later they gave it back, and he used it to shoot and kill his wife.

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They took his gun away because he shot his wife with it. Then they gave it back and he killed her with it.


A states attorney said that the state had no grounds to keep his weapon, but they did. It’s illegal in Alabama for anyone to have a gun who has a domestic violence conviction or a restraining order due to domestic violence. I’ve probably mangled that but it’s essentially correct. I wouldn’t go so far as to say the state of Alabama is responsible for her death but they sure as hell failed to do their duty to follow the law and to protect her.


And later they gave him his gun back. And he killed his wife.




ObaMa’s gOnNa TAke oUr gUnS!!