those of you who’ve left Islam and live in a non Muslim country, what does pork taste like?

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I wish I could explain it properly with words, but it’s less “meaty” than beef, and slightly sweet, it’s definitively more firm than chicken, but softer than beef, also it’s fattier than other meats in general. If you get a chance, try Mexican tacos. Good luck on your goal.


Grew up in Canada – but raised Muslim. In a way I’m glad I was in my mid 20’s before I tried bacon for the first time. It was glorious, a ‘where have you been all my life’ feeling.


>I’ve always wanted to eat with my left hand in public In the middle of the day during Ramadan. 8D Pork can be great when cooked properly. Sausages of various kind are nice, as is bacon. Everybody loves bacon.


Get a Cuban sandwich. It’s marinated roast pork and ham with Swiss cheese and mustard and pickle all in a soft sandwich roll that’s been pressed and griddled.


I suspect it’ll taste like freedom.