TIL after their characters unsuccessfully flirted in Jurassic Park, Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern actually dated and got engaged

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Jeff, uhhh…found a way


Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher also dated while filming the *Star Wars* movies, and it was kept a secret for over 40 years. Mark Hamill was aware of their relationship, yet he’s also respected their privacy and has never told anyone… even after she went public with their affair.


Didn’t she also have Billy Bob taken from her by Angelina? Rule in Hollywood for a happy relationship (in most cases but not all) is to be with someone out of the limelight.


I knew Jeff wasn’t THAT good of an actor..that water on the hand scene was just straight up game by the legend…and apparently it worked


If Jeff goldblum flirts it’s always a nat 20, there is no scenario in which there is a “unsuccesfull” flirt when he’s involved