TIL Courtney Cox is the first person on tv to say the word “period” for menstruations

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Only the first on US television. The rest of the English-speaking world is not so prudish.


As a german, i do not get why the word period is so… taboo. I heard it in commercials as a kid while eating my cereals…


“Could you BE any more menstruating?” – Chandler


In a 1985 commercial, and here I was thinking about the show, Friends. Amazing how sheltered public talking points were growing up.


The word “pubic hair” found its way into a TV commercial for a bikini area trimmer recently. It doesn’t sound like much, but it is actually empowering for people to use actual terminology related to their bodies. Particularly when it comes to topics such as sexual assault. Kids need to know real words for body parts, not pretend baby talk words.