TIL Texas politician and rancher Samuel A. Maverick, who refused to brand his cattle and consequently saw his own surname immortalized as a brand for those independent few who refuse to follow the precepts of social order.

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The term ‘maverick’ applied only to unbranded cows until first attested in reference to independent-minded humans in 1880, so he didn’t see his name immortalized in that respect, having died ten years earlier.


Wait, is this where the term ‘branding’ comes from? Like showing the company name etc.


Dude even has a mtg legacy deck named after him


Top Gun: Maverick release date November 19 2021.


I briefly knew one of his descendants. Real sweet and unique lady. Got a great deal on an apartment thanks to her bending the rules a little for me lol. Apparently they have massive Maverick family reunions down in Texas every once in a while.