TIL that queen bees do not have barbed stingers, and therefore can sting a person multiple times without dying.

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Assuming the “sting-ee” doesn’t slap the living shit out of Monarch of the Apiary after the first sting


Another not so fun fact, when the queen can no longer have babies the hive turns on her. They all smother on top of her until she burns to death. Her screams are awful. Bees are cruel little creatures.


This is indeed true however it is very, very rare for the queen to sting. They use the stinger almost exclusively to kill a rival queen. Source: Beekeeper.


Such a weird path for evolution. “We’re gonna give you a pretty bad-ass organic dagger, victim’s gonna make some serious noise! But err, probs don’t use it tho because there’s a bit of an issue where you’re probably gonna be the only one that dies from the interaction. Will rip you right in half. Not sure why we went that way. But hey, at least you can get your most coveted royal out there to sting one off as much as she wants!”


The Queen B does what she wants.