TIL the dollar bill has been the same since 1929. The reason is that the government thinks no one would take the trouble of counterfeiting such a low denomination currency and hence it does not need the fancy updates or security features seen in the higher value currencies.

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And the government correctly predicted that the cost and headache of running an ink-jet printer is way way more than a dollar


You left out the best part! The other main reason is that vending machine companies lobby to keep the $1 the same because if it changes then they have to change how vending machines recognize one dollar bills!


Counterfeiters commonly bleach $1 bills and reprint them using plates for higher denominations. If $1 bills had indelible security measures in their “paper”, they would betray their counterfeited nature regardless of what denomination they appeared to be.


I work at a bank. Can confirm people counterfeit $1 bills.


Me at local copy centre: just 1million of these please.