TIL the person who graduates last in his class during the United States Military Academy at West Point graduation ceremony each year is called “the goat” joining an exclusive club which includes Civil War hero General George Custer.

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I can’t remember the details but I believe the goat is given $1 by each of the other graduates.


Custer was last because of all his demerits for always pulling pranks and was court-martialed twice before graduation while more than half his class dropped out yet he still was a brigadier general in the army at age 23, crazy times


Want to hear something scary? They also have a special name for the guy who graduates last in his class from medical school. They call him “Doctor”.


It’s worth mentioning the GOAT isn’t the cadet with the lowest GPA, but the lowest on the Order of merit list which is a combination of their academic GPA, Military GPA, and physical fitness score. Often cadets who do poorly on physical fitness scores have a physique that isn’t well suited to the tests. Military academy football players are much smaller than football players in other division one schools. It’s based on the physical fitness requirements of the military. This is why the military academy teams use more running plays. You can be a star player on the football team and still get a relatively bad score on the physical assessment.


This is the person who used the minimum resources to achieve success.