TIL there’s a mountain in Switzerland called the Niesen (aka the Swiss Pyramid) that’s home to the world’s longest staircase. It’s only open one day a year for a race to the top. The fastest runners can ascend the 11,674 steps and 5400’ (1660m) in just under an hour.

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And how long does it take a slinky to get back down?


Once you get to the top, a bunch of old men teach you how to shout.


Manitou springs in Colorado has something similar called the incline. It’s just over a mile. The steps are made from railroad ties. There’s a running path called the cut through where you can run about 4 miles all downhill and banked curves. It took me about an hour and a half to get up to the false summit then another 30 minutes to the summit. Then the path took me less than 30 minutes.


“I’ll take ‘Fuck That’ for $2000, Alex.”


Makes leg day at the gym seem not so bad.