To buy a house or to not buy a house

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You will be house poor spending that much, not a good idea.


> I qualified (on my income alone) for 600K, but on 550 my mortgage is 2440. Is that too much for my income? What’s your monthly take home? You’ll want to keep in mind the added cost of repairs and maintenance, which could be $5k or more per average year depending on the condition of the home you buy. That’s $416/ month. You’ll also probably pay $200-300/ month for utilities.


At least wait your bf near the end his education. Then you’ll have a better picture of the future. And you buy a house when you need a house, not because others are buying houses.


That’s too much house for your income. I think you’re better off continuing to rent and save money. Not because the housing market is in a bubble, but because you can’t afford this house. If you think you could pay $1K more a month just for a mortgage, put at least that much in savings for the next year. I assume once your boyfriend goes to school he will increase his income, you will have a better idea of whether you two stay together, and you’ll have a better financial situation.