Turns out, my parents don’t accept my beliefs. Also my grandmother tried to connect God to video games.

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Not sure how old you are but play this situation out with your safety as a first priority. This subreddit is filled with stories of how shitty people in your life can become when they find out you no longer believe in a deity. Do whatever you need to do to stay safe until you are financially independent and out of your parent’s sphere of influence. It may feel dishonest, but I’ve read too many accounts of kids becoming homeless because their family disowned them because of their beliefs. Hopefully this does not happen to you. Just know you aren’t alone. There are lots of us doing what we need to do to stay safe. The world is changing, and secular beliefs are becoming more mainstream every day. We just have to be patient. Good luck.


Not to take anything away from what must be a frustrating situation for you but your Grandma mii-praying is really funny


if they want you to play more religious-inspired games with God, then FarCry 5 is perfect for the whoooole family.


>My parents said that I had only 99 islanders in my Tomodachi Life island (I actually had 100) because “God was there”. That’s cute 😂


Silly grandma. Doesn’t she know that the only path to salvation is through the old ones? Get her praying to a Turbo Express ASAP.