Two Questions Regarding Protein Intake Limits

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Your body would use the excess protein for energy and after that it would be stored as fat. Excess protein would cause an increase in urea nitrogen, which is eventually excreted in the urine as a waste product. Protein itself is not normally excreted in the urine and would be a sign of kidney damage. I think the upper limit is both highly speculative and theoretical. It is referring to the amount of protein used for muscle synthesis, so I doubt that would be the same for everyone. Protein is used for a lot of other processes, and from an evolutionary perspective, I think it’s safe to say the body will be as efficient as possible with the way it utilizes the protein you eat. Also different proteins are absorbed at different rates, so actual uptake is highly dependent on the overall size and composition of the meal. There are some proteins like whey that are digested fairly quickly and there are others like beef and eggs can take hours to completely digest. That would have a significant effect on how your body uses that protein. I don’t stress too much over it. In a caloric deficit, your body is going to use all the protein it needs for synthesis and the rest for energy. It’s not wasting anything and as long as your kidneys are healthy, it’s not harmful. In which case, I’d rather have too much than have too little.


1. No 2. NA your body will absorb almost 100% of the protein you eat. But 40ish g at a time promotes super optimal maximum muscle protein synthesis. If you eat more, it just takes it longer for you to use it for muscle, this making it “less optimal” but still beneficial


the 40 grams has be debunked. u can consume and absorb more than 40 but it is not recommended because it would be such a filling meal for your stomach to digest.


I eat 55-60 grams of protein per meal. I dona feel too full. A lot of chicken, turkey, eggs and egg whites. Some protein powder sometimes.


It’s complete bollocks. It’s probably more efficient to space out your protein but I’ve been huge doing one meal a day.