Walmart, McDonald’s, and Amazon are among companies celebrating Pride after donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to politicians who voted against the Equality Act

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Perhaps we should focus on getting corporate money out of politics, and also stop thinking we can somehow “ethically consume” our way to whatever political aims ourselves. As it stands, companies are going to fall behind whatever politician lets them make the most money via sweeter tax loopholes and less regulation or whatever, that’s all they’re ever about. All the rest is distraction.


It’s almost like the capitalist class will do anything to expand their consumer base but are at heart craven in their support of conservatives because they also love those tax breaks more than they love people crazy I can’t believe it woah.


Big corporations are not celebrating pride, they are exploiting it in the form of exceedingly transparent public relations pandering.


Can’t really lose if you play both sides.


Oh no, a transparent cashgrab, who would do such a thing?