We see a lot of Mars lately, so here’s the surface of Venus from Venera 14 of the USSR

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According to Wikipedia: “The lander functioned for at least 57 minutes (the planned design life was 32 minutes) in an environment with a temperature of 465 °C (869 °F) and a pressure of 94 Earth atmospheres (9.5 MPa).” What an absolute beast of a machine.


This was the best Soviet space mission. Very impressive even by today’s standards.


Love Russia’s way of naming things. Spacecraft going to Venus? Venus. (Venera). Rocket engine? Rocket engine. (Ракетный Двигатель).


Yep. This thing landed, took this photo, sent it back to Earth, and then melted. It fricking melted.


From what I understand, we think Venus has the geography it does because the planet doesn’t have plate tectonics. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t volcanism. Instead the entire crust (or large portions of it) rips open all at once and floods the planet with lava. It is actually fairly flat due to this and the lack of water. I wonder if a spacecraft/rover on the surface would notice much elevation change at all.