Why a Failing New Jersey Deli Is Valued at $100 Million: A Theory

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This has been solved. It’s nothing shady and perfectly legal. It’s an investment vehicle to make foreign investments through domestic entities. Planet money interviewed the architect of the plan.


The only way to find out is to go there and have a sandwich.


it’s just masquerading as a sandwich shop to keep up appearances that it’s a functioning business. In other words, they speculate, Your Hometown Deli may be a stalking horse in a kind of accounting game aimed at fast-tracking another — most likely foreign — company to the U.S. public markets, all while flying under the radar of regulators.


I have a coffee shop I’d like to take public. I value it at $384M. How do I go about attracting these type of investors?


SPACs are ridiculous and they show that our regulatory agencies are toothless. The market is less regulated and more opaque than it was before the Great Recession.