Why can’t I get over the fear of going to hell?

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You’re having trauma responses to years of emotional abuse.


it’s not real. it’s all made up to keep you feeling this way. it’s an agenda. breathe through it.


I have a similar fear of there just being nothing after we die. When I lost my religion it didn’t take long to take that mental walk to the conclusion that there isn’t anything after good or bad but that the lights go out and never wake up. I’ve had atheist friends try to console that I’ll never know it happens but it’s just the dread leading up to it that there will never be anything else after.


This is the made up penalty to keep you in religion. Dont let them do that to you. Breathe through it and keep reminding yourself that it’s not real.


I mean you can do whatever you want as long as at the last second of your life you confess your sins, you should be good to go right?