A third of young people reported worsening mental health during pandemic

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If a third reported worsening, what did the other two thirds say?


> Participants from higher socioeconomic groups may have been more likely to have parents who were able to work from home and were more likely to report worsening mental health in the first months of the pandemic So kids who had to actually spend time with their high powered parents felt worse.


The study focused on 571 teenage boys and young men in both urban and Appalachian Ohio between March 2020 and June 2020. “Nearly a third of the 571 participants reported that their mood had worsened or their anxiety had increased between March 2020 and June 2020. The study found that worsening mood and increased anxiety during the pandemic were more likely in those with higher socioeconomic status, those who felt decreasing closeness to friends and family and those who were older. Self-reported increases in anxiety were more common among those with a history of depression and/or anxiety.”


How many reported worsening mental health prior to the pandemic?


Makes sense! Take a bunch of healthy people and lock them inside for a year and this is what happens. Why on God’s green planet earth would we expect any differently? I mean, WHO, actually thought morale would increase from being locked inside all year? I’ll bet suicides went through the roof. So sad.