Canada: at least 160 more unmarked graves found in British Columbia

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I did a report back in high school on the Kuper Island Resi school. It was imo the most brutal in all of Canada. From which catalogues these: “Right from its founding by the Catholic church, the scale of suffering at Kuper Island was beyond the pale. As early as 1919, an official survey found that of 329 Kuper Island alumni, 106 had already suffered premature deaths, often from diseases contracted at the school. Even school officials described Kuper Island as “ruinous” and “insanitary (sic),” with the school’s notoriously poor conditions exascerbating outbreaks of typhus, smallpox and tuberculosis. “The Indians are inclined to boycott this school on account of so many deaths,” wrote a school inspector in 1922. Food was in notoriously short supply, and students were punished harshly for attempting to pilfer extra calories. Kuper Island records show a number of boys sentenced to “confinement” for stealing apples. The school eventually earned the name “Alcatraz” for its remote location on a small island near Chemainus. In 1939, six boys escaped from the school by canoe after suffering repeated “unnatural acts” at the hands of a Kuper Island priest. Twenty years later, sisters Beverly and Patricia Marilyn Joseph would be killed by drowning in their own escape attempt. Successive generations of Kuper Island students would be sexually preyed upon by teaching staff and even school maintenance workers. One of the few staff to be caught, Glenn Doughty, was ultimately handed only a matter of months in jail for his repeated victimization of Kuper Island students under his supervision in the 1960s. Of the staggering 121 names on the list below, one is a boy who hanged himself in the schools’ gymnasium in 1966; one of many Kuper Island alumni who would take their own lives. In a 1997 documentary on the school, one survivor said that of 16 students on his Kuper Island basketball team, only four had survived into middle age.”


There will be more, too. The more they look, the more they’ll find.


Well, Hitler claimed he based his “final solution” off of the treatment of Native Americans…


There will be thousands more now that they’re looking. The survivors talked about the graves but it has only been until now that there was a meaningful search. Some % died of naturalish causes (not 100% of children who attended residential schools would have survived if at home) but the parents were told the kids ‘ran away’ and it was covered up. As a decendant of a survivor it kind of irks me that there is attention to this when **so** much other brutality was ‘known’ before. But survivors are told to “get over it” and the whole thing was kind of marginalized. (Edit to add: the survivors went through the same treatment/conditions as what killed these children) The unfortunate souls who didn’t survive are thankfully being found and if their spirits are not at peace then hopefully this can change that. I just hope this doesn’t become a Kony thing where people care for 1 year and then stop.


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