Earl and Darling are in love

Their relationship is prefect, they date, become engaged, and finally marry. Then their first child comes and a healthy son is brought into this world. Darling has always been a bit of a hippie and she thinks that “Love” is the perfect name for him. Earl isn’t quite sure about this, but he accepts his wife’s decision. Well Love grows up and it did not go well. His teachers and classmates all make fun of him. However his mother refuses to let him go by a nickname or anything but Love. One day Love can’t take it anymore and finds Earl’s gun. He goes downstairs and shoots Earl straight in the chest while screaming that his life is ruined because of his stupid name. Darling runs over and kneels down next to Earl. Earl looks up at her and with his last breath tells her. “Shot through the heart and you’re to blame. Darling, you gave love a bad name.”

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Holy shit you got me


He was only living on a prayer!


I was not expecting that. Take my upvote you monster.


No one can save me The damage is done


Well that was a long walk in the rain on a beach to get to a cafe that wasn’t open…. (credit Bill Bailey)