Four exoplanets discovered oribiting stars 130 light years from Earth .

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in my lifetime we have gone from Apollo missions into a cold dark and dry empty void, to a truly amazing dynamic and wonderous universe full of wonders with so much more to discover. We have flown a fricken helicopter on Mars and and the probe launch I did my 2nd Grade 2 school object on is in interstellar space beyond our Solar System. We can peer into the heart of our galaxy and even managed to see the unseeable with an image of a Black Hole. We see the web of the universe and now understand our Solar System has occasional visitors including possibly whole solar systems passing by We now know planet Earth as a chunk of another planet resting in our mantle and the impact created the moon. All of that, but to now find exoplanets are possibly even more numerous than stars in our sky and we can not only detect them by measuring a wobble or sun dimming, but can even measure their atmosphere… on a planet in another solar system many light years away. just wow pardon me if I take a moment to appreciate just how mind blowing that is. It’s easy to let these constant flow of discoveries cause us to forget just how impressive it is. Significant challenges aside.. just imagine what we will know in another 50 years… or 100