France: 900,000 Book Vaccine After Health Passport for Dining Out

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The trick is to make the stupid people think it was their idea..


That is the most French thing ever.


lol. “fuck your vaccine!! oh wait we cant eat out at places because the workers there want to feel protected, since they are directly exposed to peoples respiratory particles no matter what they do, and we have to cook at home? in that case give me the vaccine” lol they aught to make you have a vaccine passport for smokers to buy cigarettes, since most of them just toss those bitches on the ground. watch a couple million more people sign up


Smart idea for other countries? Roughly 27M vaccinated up until now. 67M total population 1 day- they get almost another 1M.


That’s humanity for you. -Proposition number 1: get a jab to protect your parents and loved one -answer: muhhh freedom muhh rights -Proposition number 2 : no vaccine no bars -answer: where do i sign?