Google hit with record $593 million fine in France over news copyright row

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France : you will have to pay 593$ million fine. Google: Business as usual.


The recurring “hurr chump change” on Reddit is making me irrationally angry. Yes, a single fine compared to one year’s global income looks like nothing. Thankfully it is possible for a nation to be fined more than once a year. It’s even possible for the same nation to fine them more than once. Incredible, isn’t it? Seems like some people won’t be satisfied until companies have to pay 110% of their global revenue every single time they lose in court.


So question to someone who might know a little bit about this. How exactly is this different from the way media outlets have worked in the past. Ie; television media outlets reporting on newspapers reports.


Give them the Spain treatment.


Guess google is shutting down in France