Homosexuality is natural, but I don’t think it matters.

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A common rebuttal… Homosexuality is not against nature. More than 1,500 species to date practice same-sex coupling. Religion is against nature. No other animal practices it.


> One of the primary objections to homosexuality, in my experience, is the claim that it is unnatural. If anything, people arguing that we should get rid of whatever is unnatural, should really look at the facts: *Homosexuality* has been observed in hundreds of species. *Homophobia* has been only observed in one.


Appeal to nature is a common logical fallacy. “Natural foods are better for you.” Arsenic is natural. Aspertame is not. Guess which one I prefer in my diet cola? Uranium is natural. Asteroid impacts are natural. Predators eating their prey alive, starting at the hind quarters is natural. It really doesn’t even matter that their argument is wrong. Know what actually isn’t natural? Abstinence before marriage. Marriage too. Oh wait that’s different because marriage is a gift from god or some other stupid reason? I get it. So we can’t hold animals to the same human standards? Then stop trying to compare the gays to them.


The people who are so hung up on homosexuality and the whole natural idea, are the same people who are completely ignorant when it comes to nature, science, or anything that’s natural. They are the same people who are evolution deniers. They are idiots 😂


After being married to a woman for 14 years, and now being with a great guy for over 22 years… One often overlooked aspect to same-sex relationships is that you don’t have offspring **unless you specifically want them**. It leads to less unwanted births and more planned births/adoptions. This is positive to society on all levels.