If you were a kid in the 70s and had a friend whose house had either an in-wall whole-house intercom system, or a central vacuum system, you assumed their parents were either mega-rich or Bond villains.

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Tons of people had intercom systems but I don’t recall any that actually worked, they were always broken


My birth father had central vac installed in every house we lived in growing up. 1991-1999. We were the poor class and he was unemployed. No one thought we were rich.


Not super rich, but definitely richer than most. I remember my uncle could use his TV to answer and speak on the phone, I thought he was much richer than he was. And just to add, his remote for TV was wireless, and that was first time I used wireless TV remote


Same with a satellite dish. My friends parents had all of those things in the early 80s, and pretty sure the dad was involved in some *very* high-level shady shit, so your headline hit the mark for me.


My parents house has an intercom system, but it was there when they bought the house and they never used it.