Just accepted my first part time job and they want me to come in for one day of unpaid training. Is it normal to not be paid for this..?

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If they are going to be cheap now, they will be cheap later. Find another part-time job. They are telling you that you and your time have no value.


That’s illegal. You can file a wage claim with your state’s Department of Labor (or federal if your state doesn’t have one, like Florida). However if you do that now, you can expect to be retaliated against (even though that is also illegal) with reduced hours, no promotions, etc. The power play here is to keep proof/evidence of you training for 5 hours, and proof/evidence that you did not get paid for it, then file the wage claim after you leave the job in a year or two. They will have to pay you for those 5 hours and will probably have to pay a fine as well.


I’d think long and hard about how you expect a company that’s first request is for you to work for free to treat you in the long haul. Jobs aren’t hard to come by right now.


Noooope. There are so many jobs out there that offer paid training. Learn to respect yourself.