LPT: If someone you know has someone they cared for die, ask them for their favorite stories about that person. It’s a great way for them to talk about that person (and process their grief).

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1. This is great. I lost my bff to suicide ~2.5 years ago, and the worst response to me opening up is silence. Nobody outside my therapist ever asked me questions like that. And I want to share, but I’m not gonna thrust it upon someone who acts awkward at best at the mention of my dead friend. Vulnerability is difficult as it is. 2. Idk how you learned this LPT. I only learned it after I lost someone myself. So if you lost someone, I hope you’re taking care of yourself. If you want to talk about it, my DMs are open.


Finally, a LPT I can recommend.


I love this, and have been doing this for the past few years. I would add a note about this tip though to include “ask them **when they are ready**, to share favorite stories.” Some people need more time to heal before sharing stories. That being said, peoples eyes light up when they are able to share their favorite stories about loved ones that have passed. It brings loved ones back, if only for a moment.


I had a brother die in a tragic accident at 24 years old. The most galling thing about that whole episode was that the world didn’t stop. People went about their daily lives after my brother had just freakin’ died! Seeing people after was hard. Honestly, most people meant well but didn’t know wtf to say to me and their eyes gave it away. They were so uncomfortable which made me uncomfortable. Since then, I only say “sorry about your <mom dad bro sis friend uncle aunt grandmother grandfather> etc. 100% of the responses have been a thanks and a hug. If I had a short thought about the deceased being good to me during happier times, I say it. . Then end the interaction with “we should hang out soon if you want to”.